Name:Chris Neison
Date:September 04, 2013

Chris Neison | Principal

Chris has been in teaching for 24 years, most recently having been Deputy Principal at Hobsonville and Assistant Principal at Auckland Normal Intermediate.

Between 2001 and 2006 ,  he travelled – working and backpacking his way through South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During his travels he worked on a Game Reserve in Tanzania for a year, which focused on the preservation of Black Rhino.

Prior to leaving New Zealand in late 2000, he worked as a Lecturer at the Auckland College of Education, and is one of the co-authors on a research paper, presented in Melbourne (2000) focusing on ‘Congruency within Change’ and New Zealand’s shift from a Diploma based qualification for Teaching, to a degree.


“All my life education has opened doors and allowed me to experience things I never believed I would. It is our ultimate tool and life necessity – and it is our job as a school to bring that enjoyment and success to students learning – so doors open for them, and their lives are full of possibilities”