Julie Croft

I began my teaching career in 1975 in California, USA with a BA in Liberal Arts, a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Small, rural schools have always been my focus. I spent 18 years working in two country schools in the mountains outside of Bakersfield, CA (“cattle country’), during which time I taught Kindergarten through 8th grade. I also spent four years in a one-room school as teacher in charge and relieving bus driver.

I moved with my family to Helensville, New Zealand and began teaching at Waitoki School in 1994. New entrants have always been my favourite class to teach because they are so excited about learning and keen to give things a go. I’m not sure when teaching changed from an occupation to a vocation, but I know I made the right choices by living and working with country folks, and I’m very grateful that my own children got to experience living and schooling in a rural setting.

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