Student Leaders


Opportunities for Student Service

Waitoki School utilizes a Student Leader initiative programme in order to provide senior students with the opportunity to:

  • Develop their leadership potential.
  • Encourage responsibility and character.
  • Provide student voice throughout the school
  • Provide role models for fellow students
  • Be involved in school wide organization in various initiatives and events.

The school is very fortunate to be able to utilise the skills of a talented and diverse group of students in these various roles.

Waitoki School Student Leader Guidelines 2014

• Peer Mediation
• Organising school events (e.g. sports/tabloid, theme days, outings)
• Welcoming & thanking visitors
• Be a good role model
• Competitions
• Leading Assemblies.
• Regularly (1 per month or as arise) Seek & feedback on Student ideas, including communication with staff.
• Leading / assisting with any issues that arise.
• Conduct regular Student Leader meetings (1 per month – with themselves & a staff member) to discuss progress & all other matters that arise.
• Bus Monitors.
Characteristics of A Good Student Leader:
• Good Role Model – actions not words
• Responsible
• Caring & empathy
• Leadership through cooperation & teamwork (not being bossy).
• A good listener
• Will think before they speak
• Respectful
• Honesty & Integrity
• Fair & impartial
• Creative
• Organised
• Confidence
• Problem solver