For any fundraising enquiries please contact Joanna Gray or Melissa Glasgow

Saturday 8th May

And just like that it’s all over. On behalf or our Board of Trustees and Fundraising Committee we would both like to Thank You for joining us at this year’s Ladies High Tea.

We thoroughly enjoyed having you and hope you too enjoyed spending your afternoon amongst so many other lovely ladies. Your support will make a big difference to our School Pool Area Upgrade.  We raised a total of $16,250.  Amazing!

If you were a Stall Holder, donated Silent Auction items, supplied ingredients, picked something up or dropped something off for us, helped on the day, helped in the days before or after, crafted or created something, made either of us meals so we and our families ate this past week – THANK YOU. If you did something and you don’t think we know about it – we do! So Thank You. We have both tried to keep up with thanking you all individually along the way but please know again that we have appreciated all your help and support.

To our Corporate and Food Sponsors, Thank You so much. This event is of a standard only maintainable with the help of generous business’s and individuals like yourselves.

And lastly to our own families – Thank you xx Our Husbands and children are all looking forward to a couple of Mums who are a lot less tired and preoccupied. And maybe a Grandparent or two who will enjoy a break from their grandchildren too.

Donna and Melissa

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the High Tea team an amazing total of $16,250 was raised!!

2021 Gallery

Many thanks to our amazing sponsors and stall holders!

2019 Gallery

The current fundraising projects are:

Swimming pool refurbishments – updates coming soon

For more information about these projects please contact the school directly.

For any fundraising enquiries please contact Joanna Gray or Melissa Glasgow