For any fundraising enquiries please contact Joanna Gray or Melissa Glasgow

Friday 2nd July

What a night – as ever! Great fun was had by all and the effort that went into the themes and costumes this year was phenomenal, thank you everyone.

Congratulations to team ‘Who’s Got A Woody?’ for taking out the Best Dressed competition and winning the newly appointed McCartney Cup!

A massive thanks needs to go to the wonderful ladies who helped put the night together and worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Melissa Sweetman – thank you so much for all your hard work gathering silent auction items. Amy Difford – a huge thanks for all your help with the ticket sales; tech support; on the day set up and silent auction set up. Kerry Cottrill – for being our ‘go to’ lady and willingly putting up with all our weird and wonderful requests. Jo Gray – for helping facilitate and contributing to sourcing silent auction items.

Thank you also to the scorers and helpers on the night and also the clean up crew who mopped and tidied up after everyone on Saturday morning!

The final standings for the quiz are below:
Cottrill Cup
(This was awarded to the team with the highest points – a combination of correct answers and bought answers)
1. Waitoki Wizards
2. Where’s Wally
3. Ninja’s
3. Punktokians (they were tied with the Ninjas for 3rd)
4. Who’s Got A Woody?
5. The Tourists
6. How I Met Your Udder
7. Partial To A Pint
8. Vege Table
8. The Block (they tied with Vege Table for 8th)
9. Waka Flapper Flame
10. GJ’s
11. The Nerd Herd
12. The Jalepeno’s
13. Brainzzz
Cleverest Cup
(This is awarded to the team that got the most answers correct minus the bought answers) 
1. The Block
2. Ninja’s
3. Who’s Got A Woody?
4. Where’s Wally
5. How I Met Your Udder
5. Waka Flapper Flame
6. Partial To A Pint
7. Punktokians
8. Vege Table
8. GJ’s 
9. Waitoki Wizards
9. Jalepeno’s
10. The Nerd Herd
11. The Tourists
11. Brainzzz
Many thanks to you all for entering the games, purchasing answers and buying our silent auction items. We have raised a fantastic contribution to the swimming pool upgrades and will update with the final figure once confirmed.

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For any fundraising enquiries please contact Joanna Gray or Melissa Glasgow